Yes, water, soft drinks and some snacks are included.

Wi-Fi is available onboard, however it is subject to download limits and may not be available at all times.

You will need to bring your own beach towel.

You cannot bring food and drink onboard the boat, except for items that fill specific dietary requirements. Each boat has a fully stocked bar with water and soft drink refreshments, while you order additional drinks from our beverage list.

Yes, there is a possibility to organize a customized catering services for our customers.

Even though, Montenegro is still not a part of EU, the Euro has been its official currency from the beginning.

Yes, we offer both payment options, cash and card.

Although there will be bank terminals on some vessels, we advise having enough cash with you to cover for the day ahead. ATM machines are available at most stops to withdraw cash from if needed

Yes, we can issue an invoice with needed information on request.

Of course, apart from our regular services (transfers, rentals and charters), we can organize customized tours, fishing trips, team building activities and special occasion trips.

1. Day charter consists of 8 (eight) hours boat hire from departure to berthing. 

2. Charter price depending on the vessel is fixed and includes; 

   • Boat (Clean and prepared for client embarking) 

   • Toilet facilities (if applicable to the boat) 

   • Skipper for the period of charter 

   • Additional sailor depending on the size of the vessel chartered. 

   • Life-vests for all passengers onboard. 

   • Running water (if applicable to the boat) 

3. Charter price does not include; 

   • Fuel used during the charter period (calculated at the end of charter period) 

   • Food and drinks onboard (*Wish-list) 

   • Berthing in marinas other than the boats homeport. 

   • Taxes and fees for border crossings (if applicable) 

   • Cost of delivery if embarking is requested on location other than the boats homeport. (Cost of boat delivery depends on distance from home port to pick up destination) 

   • Cost or return of the boat to homeport if disembarking is requested on location other than the boats homeport 

   (Cost of boat return depends on distance from homeport to pick up destination) 

4. Extra water toys are included only if already present on the boat 

5. If water toys are required, rental is added on the charter price. 

6. If any water toy by Montenegro Maritime Law requires a License it must be presented by the user to the Captain and carried with you at all times of operation of the Water toy. 

7. *”Wish-list” is the list presented to Charter operator in no less that 12 (twelve) hours before the start of charter, consisting of specific details and things the Client would like to have onboard of the boat prior to his/hers embarking. Drinks, food, flowers, water toys, towels, diving masks, etc. Looking forward to welcoming you. 


Limit number of items, optimise depending on type and duration of your trip, pack outfits you don’t mind wearing multiple times, and avoid major beauty supplies

Don’t bring a bag that won’t slide under a bunk or fit on a small closet shelf.

It is not necessary to have any previous experience on boat at sea. The Captain is fully qualified to manage the boat alone. You may, with no doubt and if you wish, learn and help with the navigation. Your help will end up being very useful and fun for all.

There is a full and complete first aid medical kit on board. For further security it is important that you notify the Captain about your medication or allergies to any medication.

Make sure you bring the new tech quick-dry pieces on board, they will make you life easier onboard. For swimming, pack one or two extra bathing suits. Avoid too many light-colored pieces of clothing, stains are just around the corner. 

Pack your favourite hat or two, but make sure it stays put on a windy day. Be practical with what you put on your feet and what type of sunglasses you bring, both should stay on, keep you safe and make you feel comfortable. Snorkeling gear is a must.

Hydrate and energise your body with plenty of fresh water and juices. If you drink alcohol, make sure it is good quality and mixed with fresh ingredients :) Make sure you have a plastic mug with a lid, it is a life safer. 

Good nut base snack mix, few protein bars  can go a long way to preventing hunger between meals.

In case you are spending on a several days or a week on the boat, additional entertainment might come in handy. Spend you down time on a boat playing cards, social games, books/kindle...Unfortunately or maybe not, WiFi or cell services might not always be available.

If you have never navigated before we advise you to take a pill, particularly the first day. Your body will get accustomed to the movement and you will probably not need them.