Current information on Corona virus (COVID-19) for tourists in Montenegro

In order to protect the health of citizens and tourists residing in Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro has adopted a series of temporary measures to prevent the risk of the possible spread of COVID 19. For the latest and detailed information on the measures and recommendations introduced, visit

Tourists currently residing in Montenegro can find information on all health-related issues on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and via Call Center 1616 every day from 8am to 11pm.


What is prohibited?

Travel ban for all foreigners to Montenegro (except for foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro) and those operating vehicles for transfer of goods.
Private and public gatherings in closed or open places
Presence and loitering of more than one person in an open public space (except for persons performing their regular work assignments and members of shared household )
Presence and loitering of persons at the beaches, swimming sites and pick nick sites
Transport of more than two adult persons in a vehicle at the same time
Presence and loitering of more than one person in an open public space (except for persons performing their regular work assignments and members of shared household ).


Which border crossings are closed?

The border crossings for passenger border traffic are closed as follows:
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Scepan Polje, Sula, Sitnca, Metaljka
Albania: Grncar, Sukobin
Croatia: Kobila
Serbia: Rance, Vuce


The border crossings are open with the following countries:
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ilino brdo, Nudo and Krstac;
Serbia: Dobrakovo, Dracenovac and Cemerno;
Croatia: Debeli Brijeg;
Albania: Bozaj.
Most border crossings have cameras installed and can be checked online via the link


What has been shut down?

All interurban and international traffic (except in extraordinary cases)
Schools and universities
Children playrooms
Department stores
Closed facilities for sports and recreation and pools
Cafes, restaurants, bars, night clubs



What remains open?

Personal vehicle traffic and public transport of passengers WITHIN the regions of Montenegro:
- Coastal region (HN, KO, TV, BD, BR, UL) + CT
- Central region (PG, DG, TZ, CT, NK, ŠN, PŽ)
- Northern region (PV, ŽB, BP, BA, MK, KL, PL, RO, AN, PT, GS)
All ports for cruisers and yachts
The internal maritime traffic is completely open
All national parks of Montenegro
Public transport in  municipalities without infection
Taxi transport
Grocery and liquor stores, hygiene disinfecting product, baby accessories
Gas stations
Banks and post offices
Food delivery
Hair and beauty saloons
Casinos and bookmakers
Gym and Fitness center



What is required?

Mandatory wearing masks in a closed public space (stores, banks, post office, hair and beauty saloons).



Where are the quarantines located?

Podgorica: "Dorm", Hotel "Voco"
Danilovgrad: "Police Academy", Regional School of Public Administration RESPA
Ulcinj: Former barracks "Zoganj", Hotel "Holliday Villages Montenegro"
Bar: "Red Cross's House of Solidarity" in Sutomore
Herceg Novi: Hotel "Lighthouse Igalo", "Institute Dr Simo Milosevic"
Budva: Hotel "Castellastva" in Petrovac
Niksic: Ski Center "Vucje"


Who should be quarantined?

Anyone who has been or is suspected of being exposed to the corona virus
Anyone who enters Montenegro from countries with high levels of local transmission of the virus.


Who is required to self-isolate, that is, stay inside house quarantine?

Anyone who comes from abroad, for at least 14 days, under special medical supervision.


Return for tourists currently in Montenegro

All tourists wishing to return to their countries of origin should contact their country's embassies for information on their return options whose contacts are available at


Return to Montenegro for Montenegrin nationals located abroad  

Montenegrin nationals currently abroad who are planning to return to Montenegro can contact the nearest diplomatic mission or consulate for information on return options whose contacts are available at this link
Alternatively, the following form may be used: Return to Montenegro


General advice on how to protect yourself and others

Keep a 2-meter distance between people
Wash hands regularly
Stay at home and avoid public places - “Stay at home”

Source: National Tourism Organization of Montenegro