National Coordination Body gives consent to opening marinas, boarding and disembarkation...

Podgorica, Montenegro (23 April 2020) -- The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases agreed, at today’s session chaired by President Milutin Simović, on amending the orders of the Ministry of Health so that our marinas are allowed to open up, while complying with the measure of self-isolation, as well as boarding i.e. disembarkation of seafarers in Montenegrin ports.


Self-isolation of a foreign craft with crew, implies a berth in the port for 28 days, while the competent health institution will undertake measures of health and sanitary supervision, in line with recommendations of the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro, based on the decision of the health and sanitary inspection.


The charterer or the concessionaire of the nautical tourism port - marinas and commercial port opened for international traffic such as Bar, Budva, Kotor, the Port of Kumbor - Portonovi and Tivat (Gat I and Gat II), which is approved for admission of foreign crafts to self-isolation is obliged, based on the recommendations of the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro, to take measures to prevent the introduction into the country, suppress and prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus.


The traffic of goods for the needs of Montenegro and transit remains smooth, with particular measures of health and sanitary supervision, but also the transit of foreign seafarers is carried out while taking the special measures of health and sanitary supervision, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro.


The National Coordination Body noted, analysing the effects of mitigation on some measures two days ago, that a certain level of relaxation of citizens was expected after a strict restriction, but also warned that the danger had not passed and that strict compliance with all temporary measures, above all measures of physical distance, is essential.


It has been estimated that, following the relaxation of certain measures, a particular danger is the fact that more contacts of younger and middle-aged citizens with the elderly have been observed, which poses a great danger primarily to senior citizens. The National Coordination Body appeals to avoid physical contact, especially with the elderly who are the most vulnerable segment of the population.


Observed contacts of children and their grouping for play or other reasons pose exceptionally high level of epidemiological risk. We urge parents and guardians to minimise mutual contacts of children.

The National Coordination Body recommends all citizens to wear protective masks on every occation - whether purchased i.e. homemade i.e. to cover their mouth and nose with a headscarf or scarf in the absence of masks, because this significantly reduces risk from spreading the infection of the novel coronavirus.

We seek understanding and partnership, as in the days of extremely restrictive measures. It is our shared responsibility, because the threat has not passed yet.


In the event of massive non-compliance with preventive measures, especially measures on physical distance, the National Coordination Body will consider tightening of measures, in order to protect the health and lives of citizens.

The National Coordination Body made a decision so journalist may attend, from tomorrow 24 April 2020, the regular press conferences in weekdays, starting at 17:00. 


With gratitude to the media for their high professionalism, responsibility and for understanding and accepting on-line questions conditioned by earlier level of epidemiological risk, the National Coordination Body decided to allow the usual work of journalists, convinced that the right of the media to freely and directly ask questions is one of the key freedoms of each society, whose restriction may only be resorted exceptionally and in as short a period of time as possible.

The fact that epidemiological risk still exists, requires the need to keep a minimum of technical staff, so only Radio and Television of Montenegro will continue to technically record and broadcast live the press conferences, and other media outlets will be able to receive the signal of Radio and Television of Montenegro i.e. YouTube channel of the Government of Montenegro and photos of the PR Centre, as before.